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Gardening Info-Canning Vegetables

Most gardeners are the type who raise food for a family of 38 people. Since most families aren’t that large, many gardeners turn towards anyone who has a pulse to take their vegetables. It seems a shame to let them go to waste, but the human body is only capable of ingesting a certain number […]


The red palm is the most attractive of the Palmaceae family and favorite for landscaping and potted decorative plant because of its bright red color that adds it attractiveness. A native of Indonesia red palm is actually growing in lowland areas submerged in water bordering tidal rivers. It only shows that they thrives best when […]

Gardening Info-The Beetle Invasion: Aphids

Very few people truly like insects of any sort. In most cases, gardeners are amongst those who like them the least. Even the most pacifistic of gardeners could second guess his stance when he sees the destruction that some insects can do. A gardener could spend an entire summer pruning his flowers to look just […]

Brown Gardening

Anyone who has tried to keep a garden alive in the midst of a drought learns to detest the color brown. People don’t want their plants to be brown – it’s the sign of an unhealthy plant, one that is dying. Can brown be good though? Obviously if a plant is meant to have another […]

Organic Gardening

It seems these days that everyone is getting on the organic food bandwagon. No longer is organic a buzzword reserved for guilty liberals and college students. With its increasing popularity, organic foods are more available in different types of communities, and with a slightly more affordable price tag. There are many benefits to be had […]

Gardening Info-Art of Bonsai

Most people have at least a vague knowledge of what a bonsai tree, is but few realize that bonsai is actually a millennia-old art form. A Japanese word, bonsai can literally be translated as “tray planting”, but it is much more than that. Creating and growing bonsai, an art that has changed dramatically over time […]